Let the customers see
what you really have in stock
How do you connect to aggregators now
How will you connect with us
Integration with your POS system allows us to collect real time stocks and prices and send data to the aggregator without any manual work.
Problems we solve
Wrong stocks
Connecting and managing aggregators requires time, money and expertise.
Manual updating of data requires employees, additional costs.
Client receives the order incompletely
and unhappy clients.
loss of GMV
Benefits of working with us
Quick and easy connection to all aggregators.
We generate additional income from online orders.
Always up-to-date data on goods in aggregators, the client receives orders without substitutes or cancelations.

No more additional costs for manually updating products data on aggregators. Our integration replaces the tablets.

Usually the aggregators take payments for onboading and ask for maximum commissions. We negotiate discounts from aggregators for our stores.

The effect
We introduced direct integration between aggregators and omnichannel for our client the biggest online food delivery service in Eastern Europe.
It lead to boosting several metrics:
1. Improving picking rate;
2. Decreasing the amount of substitutes;
3. Improving Click to deliver (with same amount of money spent on operations);
4. Decreasing the picker's waiting time.
5. Decreasing the delivery waiting time.:
Click to deliver (from the moment of order to the moment of delivery) decreased by 10 minutes (20%).
Pickers now do less replacements, that is why they take new orders faster and the orders spend less time in a queue.
Every employee is now able to do 20% more orders daily.
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