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At Seamless Middle East & Saudi Arabia, I had the privilege of sitting down with Saleh AlTunaib, the visionary CEO of Raha, an innovative automated grocery delivery company. Our conversation delved deep into the future of e-grocery and the role of technology in shaping this sector. Here's a sneak peek into our discussion:

🔍 Raha's Vision & Journey: Saleh shared insights about Raha's mission and their current progress. He also touched upon some impressive metrics that showcase their growth.

🛒 Defining Next-Gen Grocery: We discussed the major drivers and trends that are redefining the grocery sector. What does the future of grocery shopping look like? The process will definitely be more efficient and with fewer out-of-stock issues, thanks to companies such as Raha and Retailhub.

🤖 Tech & Automation in E-Grocery: Saleh elaborated on how Raha leverages cutting-edge technologies like AI and robotics to streamline operations - from inventory management to delivery optimization. There is a lot we found in common between the companies.

💼 Robotics vs. Labor: In our minds robotics and automation are linked to efficiency by default. But for now, in a lot of cases, it is still more cost-effective to use labour. We had A thought-provoking conversation on the cost-effectiveness of automation versus labor. Is the reliance on labor hindering innovation? For Raha it does not.

🚫 The Automation Spectrum: Saleh shed light on what Raha has successfully automated and what he believes might remain a challenge to automate, including, for example, delivery itself.

💰 Unit Economics of Delivery: How does automation impact the cost structure of delivery? Saleh provided some intriguing insights, showcasing a great improvement in unit economics for Raha's business model as compared to manual darkstore companies.

A big thank you to Saleh for sharing his valuable insights and vision. The future of e-grocery is exciting, and companies like Raha and Retailhub are leading the way! 🌟